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Home from NY
I got in last night, around 10:30. It was definitely an interesting trip. Rent was a lot of fun, if different from the movie. My uncle's 80th birthday party went well, everyone enjoyed it. Yesterday, our last day, my sister, dad and I went to see Men in Black 3. It was pretty good, until the sound went out near the end of the big fight scene. Then the screen went black five minutes later. There was a blackout that knocked out the sound machines, and there was no way to fix it right away. We got offered 3 free passes to the theater instead. So if anyone knows what happened after that scene, in maybe the last ten minutes of the movie, please let me know.

All in all, it was a nice trip. We kept busy practically the whole time, so there was really no time to get bored. I'm still glad to be home, though.


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