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Plans for my 40th
My 40th birthday isn't until the end of September, but plans are underway. My sister suggested a short cruise. I thought it sounded like fun, although I wasn't anticipating her inviting 2 of her friends along. (Actually, one invited herself- my sister's former sister-in-law). The other is a friend of my sis's that I met a few times when I lived in NY. She's a cop, actually. I'm kind of worried I'll end up being a fifth wheel on my own birthday trip.

Anyhow, putting that aside, we picked the last week in September for our target dates. I thought we would actually be going on or around my birthday (the 29th), but apparently we have to go earlier. Nicole (the cop) only has a certain amount of days she can be off. We're looking at a Carnival cruise that goes from Monday, September 24 to Friday, September 28th. We would get a suite, which sleeps four, and isn't all that pricey. I checked out some cruises on Royal Carribbean, and what we pay for a suite on Carnival is less than an interior cabin on RC. Dad will be paying for me, as my birthday present.

The trip we're looking at is an Eastern Carribbean cruise (I think). We'd board in Miami, and there would be stops in Key West, which I've always wanted to see (but could easily drive to since I live in Southern Florida), and Cozumel, Mexico, which I haven't wanted to see. My real first choice would be a cruise to Alaska, or even better, Europe, but that's way out of our price league. And I've nevr left the country, ever, so the idea of going anywhere else, even if it's as close as Mexico, is kind of exciting.

So if anyone has any trip recs, please let me know. Nothing is booked yet, we're still looking at options.

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hmmm, not to butt in, but it seems lame that this cop lady that you don't know...that you have to work your vacation around her schedule. Is there any way you can speak up and tell your sister you don't like that? It's YOUR birthday!


My sister almost never goes anywhere with her family without bringing or meeting a friend. I think we're a little too boring for her.

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