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More Dad drama
It looks life around here is now every man (or woman) for himself. Dad just informed me that he plans to spend all weekend at Ruth's (Friday through Monday afternoon), and I'm on my own when it comes to getting to the library for my shifts. (And right after that, he asks me to look for a couple of books for him when I'm there.) I'll have to find some sort of car service, but I already told him he's paying, since it's his damn fault. What I should have said was fine- so you can wash your own laundry and do your own online baking and buying stuff off Amazon and wash his own dishes.

Basically, I'm going to have to pay to do charity work. Isn't that just wonderful?

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Yeah, that sums it up.

Oh man. Your situation sucks. I wish there was something I could do to help other than provide virtual hugs and, I dunno, virtual icecream?

Virtual hugs and ice cream are wonderful, sweetie. Especially since I can't gain weight from the latter.

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