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The latest bad news
Dad called me this morning to tell me he was in the hospital. He apparently had diarrhea all night long while at Ruth's, and then it suddenly turned bloody. She took him to the ER first thing this morning. The doctors were thinking diverticulitis, but when I spoke to Dad around 3, he told me they decided it was a classic case of colitis.

I got to the hospital around 4, with Dad's friend Ed. He's on a liquid diet for today, and tomorrow he starts a two week long low fiber diet. (Does anyone know anything about low fiber diets? I don't) He'll be released tomorrow, but he says he's not sure if he's coming home, or back to Ruth's. I pretty much begged him to come home, so we'll see what happens.

Ruth was with him at the hospital, but she left before we got there. Or, as Dad eventually told us, she was "escorted" from the room for causing trouble. Of course she was. She was argumentative and causing problems. Color me shocked.

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Omg. Feel bad for you and your dad. Not sad at all Ruth was kicked out of his room. Good luck dealing with your dad. On kindle having trouble. Typing. Hugs!

I think Ruth should be banned from all of Florida. But don't send her here.

I'm sorry about your dad, and I have no idea about a low fiber diet, as they always tell J and me to do high fiber. *hugs*

I looked up the diet, and actually, I think Dad will like it. Lots of protein, white grains like pasta, potatoes, all sorts of stuff he likes, but he has to stay away from some vegetables, which I don't think will bother him all that much.

Ruth should be banished to Pluto, if possible.

I don't even know what to say. I'm incredibly sorry, but every time I read about something about that crackbrain, I just want to hug the heck out of you.

Hug away, sweetie. I need them whenever that bitch comes up.

I'm so sorry about your dad not feeling well.

Healthwise, I'm sure it would be for the best for your dad to come home where you can take care of him. However, Ruth sounds like a very self-centered person (as well as rather nutty) and I can't help but wonder if him staying with her might help to open his eyes even more to how she behaves.

(Also - She must have been acting really, really badly to be kicked out of the hospital room. *boggles*)

I'm really hoping he'll come home, but with Ruth manipulating him the way she does, who knows.

She's freaking insane. She has no self control,no people skills, and is the single most selfish person I've ever met in my life. She has serious mental issues.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Looks like I missed all of this. Sorry I was at work all day yesterday and when I came home LJ was down. Then I was at work all day today.

I'm glad you're dad is doing better. And I'm sorry Ruth exists.

No worries, sweetie. I'm always glad to hear from you, whenever you're available. Dad's back at Ruth's now, says he'll be home tomorrow morning. He better be.

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