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Dad update
Looks like he'll be staying in the hospital tonight, too. He's still bleeding some, possibly from a hemmerhoid as well as the colitis. They might do a colonoscopy tomorrow, something might have to be cauterized. I'm hoping he can come home tomorrow, but I really don't know.

Also, we'e under a tornado watch. I'm kind of frightened. It doesn't seem to be anywhere near my part of the county, but these things can turn, as far as I understand.

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Still praying and thinking good thoughts, sweetie. We're supposed to have thunderstorms, but nothing about tornadoes. Hopefully they'll miss you as well. *hugs*

He's much better now, actually. They're releasing him tonight. He's going back to Ruth's unfortunately, but he'll be home tomorrow. I guess your prayers did the trick!

Actually, I was just about to post an update. Dad's back o solid food, no procedures are necessary, and he'll be released this evening. He's going back to Ruth's house because it's much closer to the hospital, though. He should be back tomorrow.

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