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An update to my update
Dad's doing so much better than they're releasing him tonight after all. He's eating solid food, no colonoscopy needed. He's planning to go back to Ruth's house, though. She lives much closer to the hospital than we do, so I guess it makes sense. Sort of. He says he'll be home "sometime" tomorrow. I told him tomorrow better mean IN THE MORNING, damn it.

Tomorrow my sister and I have to put down our deposits for my birthday cruise. We're torn between one that goes to Key West and Cozumel, and one that goes to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. We're leaning towards the first- it costs a little less, seeing as how it's one day shorter, but we'd get a grand suite, which is much bigger than the regular sized suite we'd get on the latter trip. Seeing as how there are four of us going, I think the larger room would be better.

So, Dad coming home, planning a trip, it all seems pretty good. Hopefully it will stay that way.

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Glad to hear good news about your dad :)

Thanks. He was home bright and early this morning, thank goodness.

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