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The library problem
I think I might have to quit. I tried the car service option last week. The ride itself is fine, but the price isn't. A one way ride last week cost me almost twenty dollars. That would then amount to 80 bucks a week, over $300 a month. I can't afford that.

On top of that, Dad is now changing his going to Ruth's for the weekend to Thursday instead of Friday, which means I can't even get a partial ride on Friday. (A weekend is now 5 days, apparently, Thursday, through Monday).

I don't know what to do anymore. I can't fight about this every damn week. It's going to kill me, to give up something I love so much. Volunteering at the library is really the only thing I do that gives me a real sense of purpose. Two hours a day, twice a week, fetching and checking out books for people isn't much, but I love doing it. It's something that makes me feel useful and helpful, and to lose that just breaks my heart. That it's my father taking this away from me, and on Ruth's orders, kills me. (It wasn't a problem until Ruth made it a problem, you see.)

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Is there a co-worker who could possibly give you a ride? :(

I don't think so. These people work full days, they would actually have to leave the library and come get me, and I don't think it would work.

I want to fix this for you so bad, but I don't know how. :(

Thank you, sweetie. I wish I could fix this, too.

Maybe someone else has already asked this, but is there a bus you could take? There's also sometimes car pooling that people do - do you have a local community website? You could post on there asking to car pool?

There's no bus service this far west, unfortunately. I haven't heard anything about a community car pool, either. This is a community of retirees, after all.

Don't suppose they could create a paid position for you?

Or change your days to days when your dad is available?

Or both?

Paid position, no. They hire actual librarians with degrees, which I don't have. It couldn't hurt to ask about the hours, though. The thing is, they like me working weekends, because it's when the library is most busy, and I'm very good at what I do, in a way the seventy year old volunteers aren't.

Oh, sweetie, that sucks. Ruth... ugh. She just needs to go away.

I think dad and I came to an agreement yesterday. I'm the one making all the compromises, of course. but it might work. He's so afraid of making Ruth angry that he'll put her ahead of everyone else. I'll post more about it later.

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