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Dad's new squeeze
A little TMI here, I think.  But read on if you dare.

Dad really seems to like this new woman, Cheryl.  He's spending his second night over there tonight.  I overheard Dad talking to his best friend Ed on the phone, and apparently, Cheryl really likes sex.  Really.  This is a very important quality in a woman, according to my father.  Me, I'm just grossed out by the whole thing.  I know, I know, sex is a beautiful thing and it's wonderful that the elderly can still get it on, but for God's sake, it's my father!  I need to start plugging my ears everytime the phone rings until my father learns about indoor voices.

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You poor, poor thing...if it's not one thing, it's another.

Always. I wish he'd give up on this dating thing and take up golf or bridge, something age appropriate for a 69 year old.

Hon, while I know it's rather icky thinking of your father having sex, a part of you should be celebrating. Most importantly, it means he's healthy. But it also hopefully means that he's more likely to stay with the new woman than go back to Ruth (and going back to Ruth seems to be his pattern.)

I'd take Attila the Hun over Ruth. He'd be nicer.

LALALALA Parents don't have sex LALALALA. Older people sure, but not our parents! ;-) I'm happy for him but I totally understand your point. *hugs*

When I was about 9, and I first found out what sex was, I was horrified. There was NO WAY my parents would do that. I'll tell you, it's 30 years later and it still creeps me out.

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