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Plague Zone
Glee- Blaine prom anim. by nowheretogo26
My house is a plague zone!  Okay, maybe not the plague, but we're all sick here at Casa de Luvmax1.  I started getting a cold Friday night, but went to work Saturday, because I still wasn't sure if it was a cold or just an allergy attack.  Turns out, it was a cold.  (I feel kind of guilty about that, but I figure I probably picked up the damn thing at the library anyway.)  Dad was okay until very early this morning.  He has an extrmeley sore throat.  Since his doctor couldn't fit him in, he went over to Urgent Care (kind of like an ER, but not at a hospital.  It's basically a clinic) and they diagnosed him with something with an extremely fancy named something or other, which basically meant sore throat.  So it's a Z-Pack for him, and many, many tissues for me.

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Aw, I hope you feel better soon! Go have some Jewish penicillin. :)

Thank you, sweetie. If I wasn't clutching a tissue box while typing one handed, I'd give you a huge virtual hug!

*gentle cuddles* Hope you both feel better ASAP, honey.

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