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My Birthday Trip (and a storm update)
Fortunately, we weathered Tropical Storm Isaac quite well. Unfotunately, we have a storm drain slightly to the right of our house, which of course overflowed. We had our very own lake, right in the driveway and street. I named it Lake (my last name here). It receded after aa few days, thank Goodness. The main entrance to our community was twice as bad, though. It's finally dry, as of a couple of days ago.

My sister and I have been discussing what kind of excusrions we want to take on our cruise. I think we'll play it by ear in Key West, but we're definitely doing an organized tour thing in Cozumel. I like the combined pyramid tour/beach excursion, and so does she. There's also the beach/shopping tour, which is really not my cup of tea. Frankly, I could skip the beach altogether. I'm really not a sunbather; I find it boring. And hot. I hate hot. (Also, I realized that I'll probably have my period during the trip. And apparently so will my sister and one of her friends. Sigh.)

The cruise leaves on Sept. 24th, and comes back on the 28th. Since my birthday is the 29th, we've decided to stay over in Miami that night at one of those colorful South Beach hotels. I think it's called the South Seas. (When I say we decided, by the way, it usually means my sister decides and I go along with it for lack of better plans. It's actually okay with me, I have no experience with real traveling, so I'm fine going with the flow.) Dad will drive in to Miami that Saturday morning, we'll all have brunch, and then Dad and I will come home, while my sister and her friends fly back to New York.

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The cruise sounds like a great plan. I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful Birthday!

Thank you, sweetie. Your birthday is a week before mine. Any special plans?

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