Does anyone really want to read this?

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What in the hell was that???

If Ryan Murphy was here, I would spit on him.  (Or maybe just at him, I'm not the violent sort.)  But really, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???

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I don't watch Glee anymore, because I was so furious about what they did to Kurt in the finale... But I did read about what happened in tonight's episode.

I'm supposed to believe that the Blaine, whom was upset about Kurt texting a guy was cheating to him, and he is supposed to be a full fledged cheater?????

Give me a break.

RIB are the biggest losers on the planet. They have no idea how to do character development, how to keep things consistent, or how to do drama without it involving cheating.

Are you jumping on the "YOU ARE AWFUL RIB AND I WON'T EVER WATCH YOUR SHOW AGAIN!!!" Bandwagon too?

I need my Darren Criss fix, so unfortunately I'll be watching the show until the day he leaves it. How he manages to rise above such ridiculous material is beyond me, but he does it everytime and breaks my heart.

The cheating plot is ridiculous. Came out of nowhere. One reviewer commented that Ryan Murphy has his favorites (Rachel and Kurt), and he will avoid doing anything that makes them look bad, and clearly that's true.

I see that and don't see that.

I guess I can see from his perspective how he doesn't make them look bad but from an audience perspective they can look bad.

I think this relates more to Kurt. He hardly looks bad. The worst thing was the texting, and setting up Burt and Carol for his own motivations (which was probably the worst thin he's done IMO)

But Rachel looks bad almost every episode IMO. She is one of the most selfish characters in the show. She will do whatever she needs to be the best and it doesn't matter if it hurts someone else in the process.

In the beginning, Rachel's behavior was funny. Now it's just outright awful. You're right about that.

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