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Hurricane Sandy
I hope all of my friends have made it through the storm okay.  My sister, who lives in Queens, NY, hasn't had any problems, fortunately.  Some rain, but nothing else.  Streets are clear, power is on, stores are open.  She's going to try to get into Mahattan tomorrow for work.  A good friend of hers who lives elswehere in Queens had terrible flooding (the water is up to the mattress on her bed), and her car was completely deluged.

My cousin, who lives in Long Beach had it pretty bad, too.  The water was up to the first floor apartments in his building, and the streets are a disaster.  His condo is on the fourth floor, so that's fine, but his car was basically drowned.  He ended up somehow getting to his parents' place in Lido Beach, which has also had some problems, but not as bad as it is by him.  My aunt and uncle aren't even there, though- they went to stay with her sister in Staten Island.  The rain wasn't terrible, but the power went out last night.

I can see from the news that this hurricane has just ripped the Northeast apart, and I'm just amazed.  Here I am in Florida, Hurricane central, and we were pretty much passed by, except for a little rain and wind, while the North looks like something from the movie 2012.

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Your poor family. :( I was thinking of you, waiting for your post when I heard about all this. I wasn't as worried as I could be, because a majority of what I read, it did seem that it passed Florida.

My thoughts are with your family, and I hope that they can some how recover from this horrible situation. :(

Thank you so much, sweetie. Everyone's alive and unhurt, which is definitely the most important thing.

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