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The Visit
My sister is flying in tonight, landing about 11:30.  Her friend Nicole, who came with us on the cruise, is coming as well.  They're renting a car at the airport, then coming here.  Technically she's here for a business meeting in Boca, but she's staying for 3 days.

It should be fun.  I can tolerate her in small doses, after all.  I do love her, don't get me wrong, but she can be difficult.  But meeting up a couple of times a year has done wonders for our relationship.  I always say the farther we're apart geographically, the better we get along!

Tomorrow is Election Day, so don't forget to vote, if you already haven't.  (I did on Thursday)  Truth be told, I'm not too fond of either candidate, but I can't stomach the idea of a Republican presidency, so I decided to vote Obama again.  I'm registered as a Democrat, and I usually vote that way.  When I was much younger, and first started voting, I had my own system for picking candidates that had nothing to do with political parties.  If there was a female candidate, she was my first choice.  A candidate with an obviously Jewish name came second.  ( I'm a Jewish woman, what can I say?)  If all of that failed, I voted for whomever my mother told me too.  I used that last method quite a bit. actually.  She and my father were very involved in the Democratic party when I was in my teens and twenties.  I actually told Senator Chuck Schumer that I wanted to leave the party we were at, I had to study for my sociology midterm.

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I always say the farther we're apart geographically, the better we get along!

I say this about me and my brother all the time!

I voted last week as well, and also for Obama again. I can't imagine ever voting for a Republican, least of all Mitt Romney. The Republican party's vast hatred of women, gay people, poor people... I don't see how anyone could support them.

A lot of people do support the Republicans, unfortunately. Their policies horrify me (and you and many other people), but I guess enough people agree with them. Scary thought.

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