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Life, the movies, etc.
Saturday night I went to see The Sessions.  I have to admit, it was not what I expected.  It wasn't gratuitous or movie of the week "special".  John Hawkes was great, and oh my goodness, so was Helen Hunt.  She was absolutely fearless. 

Dad has a new squeeze, this one named Carole.  She lives right in our town.  She has a 38 year old son with some kind of impairment (ADD according to her) who lives with her, but she plans to move him into an apartment she owns elsewhere.  She told Dad she has nosy neighbors, so she doesn't want him to come back to her house.  That sounds kind of suspicious to me, to be honest.  Am I overreacting?

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Girl, I hate to say it but if it was anyone else but your dad I'd say yes, however considering everything...keep an eye out.

I thought so. I haven't said anything to Dad, though. Maybe he'll bring it up with his therapist. I don't want to intefere, you know?

Oh yeah, I get that but I sure do understand that you want to watch out for him too.

It's so hard when the parents start dating...

I love John Hawkes. He's one of those actors who gets lost in his character. He was amazing in Winter's Bone.

And considering your dad's history with women, you are absolutely not overreacting.

I never saw Winter's Bone. I should, it's supposed to be great.

And thank you for telling me I'm not nuts!

Sadly, I agree with the other comments!

Hopefully she's sane and on the up-and-up, but seeing is this is your dad we're talking about, it worries me that she doesn't want him to visit her house. I could understand if he planned to be there every single day or every other, but once in a while? Doesn't everyone have occasional visitors? Even we do, and my house looks like something you'd see on Hoarders. Hey, maybe that's exactly the problem as the only people I have ever known who don't allow any visitors are hoarders; maybe she's a hoarder and doesn't want anyone to know her secret.

Maybe she's a hoarder, or it's something about her son. She doesn't even let Dad pick her up for a date- he's meeting her at a movie theater tomorrow night. It just seems a little off.

Hey you, sorry I'm quiet school is insane. I agree with what others said. Your dad has a bad history with women, so I would be nervous too.

Is it possible she could be married?

Your schooling should always come first, sweetie. But it's always nice to hear from you.

She's a widow, her husband died 5 months ago after many years of illness. Hmm, maybe she thinks it's not too soon to date, but it is too soon to bring another man into the home? I didn't consider that.

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