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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Smv finale Superman by lieslchen
The good, of course, is our new car!  I love it, it's so sleek and shiny and modern looking.  I just have to figure out the rradio stations.  I've never had a car with XM radio before, but since my father managed to set a couple of stations, I figure I should be able to do it, too.

The bad (and the ugly) are about Ruth and the two "kittens" she wanted up to adopt.  The cats are actually 2 adult females, possibly mother and daughter, and they aren't at any vet's office.  A woman pulled them out of her backyard, and they're still very feral.  She keeps them in a cage 24/7, since she's afraid to have them running around her house, and she doesn't pick them up or touch them because she's afraid of being scratched.  Dad went to see them anyway, and they just huddled in the cage, looking scared.  We can't adopt them- the cats we already own have to come first, and I don't think either of my guys would appreciate a couple of clawed cats invading their turf.  I'm not opposed to getting another cat, but it should be one that's at least used to being touched and handled.  Or a kitten, they're good too,

I was going to name them Kurt and Blaine, or maybe Kirk and Spock.  Oh well.

And Tom Welling is on the job again!  Thank goodness, I was beginning to worry!  He's still my all time favorite TV crush.

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Aw, shame about the cats.

Tom Welling! What is he in?

It's a movie called Parkland. It's about the Secret Service and hospital staff right after the JFK shooting in Dallas. Judging by his recent buzz cut, I'm thinking he's secret service.

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