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A quick update
Glee- Nightbird Blaine by nowheretogo26
Dad is feeling fine, thank goodness, and he can leave the hospital once the cardiologist gives the all clear. Of course, no one knows when the cardiologist is going to come, so Dad's just stuck sitting there and waiting. He's pretty bored right now. He still thinks it was a hiatal hernia attack. (He's had them before, back in NY.)

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I'm glad your dad seems to be okay. It's really scary when our parents get sick. :(

As you can see, I haven't been around LJ for a few days and am reading my flist from newest to oldest. Haven't yet gotten to a post about your dad falling ill, but I'm glad he seems to be okay.

He feels absolutely fine, thank goodness. He's going for a stress test Tuesday, just to double check everything.

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