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Glee- Nightbird Blaine by nowheretogo26
So, Dad's fine, and I'm sick.  Bad cold.  I had to leave work early.  One my co-workers recommended I try something called Coldeeze (not sure of the spelling.)  The pharmacist told me it's a homeopathic remedy.  Some people really find it useful, and some find it no help at all.  It's basically a sucking candy made of zinc.  I'm giving it a try.

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I tend to just take zinc, I can't stand the way my mouth feels after suing Coldeeze or Zicam, but I have used both and they really do work. My symptoms weren't as bad, and my cold didn't seem to last as long.

The lozenge didn't taste too bad- it was cherry flavored. I hope it does work. As a diabteic, when I get sick, it takes me much longer to heal than it would any other person.

Really hope it works!

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