Does anyone really want to read this?

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I hope everyone who celebrated had a happy Easter!

Being Jewish, I've never really done anything special for the holiday, unless you count dying Easter eggs with my Catholic aunt once or twice. To me, the best thing about Easter was always the chocolate treats, especially the bunnies. My dad would give me and my sister a piece at a time, an ear or a shoulder. And peeps! I haven't had a peep in twenty five years (they don't go well with diabetes!), but I miss them!

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Ewwww. Peeps. LOL I did like cadbury creme eggs though.

I always had a thing for marshmallows. But the eggs were good, too!

Love your Passover icon!

Thanks! Borrow it anytime. :) Happy Passover BTW. :)

Happy Passover to you, as well. I had a nice one. We went to my aunt's house, and since there were a number of little kids, we used a child's haggadah, which knocked the seder down to fifteen minutes!

LOL! That actually would be nice. Sometimes it can go on for way too long.

I didn't do anything. My parents are in Europe right now. I did however get my matzoh delivered by the Rabbi so I ate that. Yum. :)

It sucks being alone on holidays. Next year, fly to FLorida and come to a seder with me!

I should! My parents are usually gone every year at this time. They go visit my sister in Germany.

PS: That Bones episode I was looking forward to? Total let down. There wasn't nearly enough angsty/overprotective Booth.


Re Bones: Gotta agree with you. Not what I expected at all.

Right??? Like the season finale last year??? When Booth threw Palant through the window? OMG! That filled my alpha-male girl heart with joy!

This? MEH. :(

To be honest, I'm tired of the whole Pelant story. I wish they would just wrap it up already.

I wouldn't mind a wrap up, but I love the story. And I want to know what he did to the alarm clock in their room.

I forgot about the clock!

Ya, the creator (Forget the name) said that will be addressed, so I'm still waiting over here....

My guess is some sort of bomb.

Oh, wow, that would be crazy. I was thinking he just put a hidden camera in there, but that would be kind of boring... LOL

Camera was my first guess, actually.

Well I don't think they have many episodes left so we'll hopefully find out soon.

I should have thought to wish you a happy Passover but alas the thought never crossed my mind. I'll try to do better next year.

As for Peeps, do you know about Sugar-Free Peeps, right? jebra buys them by the box full when they go on sale after Easter. Which makes sense to me as I like them best when they dry out too. Not that I eat many; most years I'm lucky to get six. :-)

Sugar Free Peeps! I need to make a Target run, stat!

Sweetie, you're so kind and thoughtful all the year round, that missing one holiday is nothing.

I was good this year - - haven't eaten the first Peep, Cadbury creme egg, or mini egg! I miss coloring eggs, I love doing that. I do still decorate for the holiday, though.

Mrs. Sweetpeach just told me there are sugar free peeps. I have to find some!

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