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I can't catch a break!
Glee- Blaine prom by nowheretogo26
I posted last week that I thought I was getting sick again. I didn't- then. Now, I am. I've read that bronchitis can be recurring, but come on already! I was sick the entire month of March, for God's sake, and now it's starting all over again!

My sister is coming for a few days, starting Wednesday. Dad's girlfriend, who is seasonal, goes back North mid-May. Dad's 70th birthday is in June, so I'd like to take him somewhere for the occasion. We're thinking Orlando, thought probably not Disneyworld. If anyone has any other Florida located vacation spots they love, please tell me. I'm open to suggestion.

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*hugz* I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks! I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow.

I was going through LJ for the first time in ... a while, and I saw you made a post, and had to find an update ...

You mentioned your Dad's girlfriend... does this mean you guys are FINALLY rid of Ruth?!?!

Ruth is long gone, thank God. It's been over a year. His new sweetie is Lois, who is much nicer and saner. She winters in NY though, which means she'll be gone until November or December.

It's always nice to hear from you, sweetie. I wish you'd spend a little more time here.

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