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I had a real WOW! moment today!
Glee- GP Blam 2 by mirita
I was at the library, helping an elderly man check out, when I suddenly noticed his name on the monitor. It was my sixth grade homeroom/social studies teacher! I couldn't believe it. We talked, and he remembered me, and my mother, who was a bigwig in the PTA back then. He even remmebered my uncle, who sold him some neckties back then. (Of course, fifteen years ago my uncle gave up the business and became a teacher!) I have to admit I said to him that I remember him being taller, and he said maybe it's just because he's rounder now (which is true, but I was also shorter when I was 11).

What a strange world. Of course elderly Jews, often times teachers, retire to Florida (ie:my dad), but this felt like an incredible moment.

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It was surreal. I was talking about it with my sister, and she remembered him, too.

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