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Family Stuff
karl urban by sevedra
Not much happening with me, I'm afraid. But it's big stuff for my father and sister.

Dad's girlfriend dumped him. It's not surprising- they've been doing the long distance thing since May, and sooner or later it was going to fall apart. She told him she wanted a full time boyfriend, one that stayed and didn't treat her apartment like a hotel. She really has a lot of nerve- how does she expect ANY relationship to work when she lives in two different states during the year? Dad took it pretty hard at first, but now he seems more angry than upset, so that's good. He had his first date today with Helene, whom he says he likes. I'm happy for him, but I already see a potential disaster. He was set up with this woman by one of his other exes, Cheryl. The main reason it didn't work out with her was the distance- she lives almost an hour away. Helene lives just as far. But he's lonely, so he's probably not thinking too far ahead.

My sister has good news, on the other hand. She and her boyfriend are tired of their apartment in Queens, so they've rented a house in New Hyde Park, on the Long Island side of the town. It's a 3 bedroom, two bath like their place now, but this time they'll actually turn one of the bedrooms into a guest room. There's also a basement (Which they'll turn into a bedroom for they boyfriend's son), a big backyard, a separate garage and a long driveway. They neighborhood is gorgeous, my sister says, and also on the plus side, they won't have to pay the city taxes anymore. She'd like me to come and visit. I'm aiming for November, but I don't find it too likely, with all the money I've spent (and will continue to spend) on my dental work in the next couple of months. So more realistically, I could go in January, and be there for her birthday.

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Sorry about your dad. I hope he can find someone and have it work out.

Great news about your sister's new place - - it sounds really nice.

Thanks, Maddie. It's nice to share some good news for a change.

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