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Happy almost Frickin' Birthday to me...
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I am not expecting my birthday tomorrow to be a good one. My cat Denny is very ill. He has some kind of liver disease, probably from chomping on lizards and frogs on the patio. So far we're looking at a $1300 bill, and that's just for the tests! I love Denny dearly, but he and my Dad are much, much closer. It would kill him to lose Den.

Of course, since my female cat goes out on the patio, too, she has to be tested as well. She's going in Monday for some bloodwork and a tape worm shot. I'm reall upset about all of this, so if everyone could send some good wishes and vibes my way, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, guys.

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All kinds of good thoughts and prayers for both the kitties.

Thank you, sweetie. *Hugs*

Sending good thoughts, sweetie!

Thanks, Maddie. *Hugs*

I'm so sorry. :(((( I hope everything turns out okay for your female. Keep me posted.

I think birthdays suck now anyways. I don't even want to celebrate them anymore.

But I hope your day tomorrow is okay at least, despite all this bad stuff. :(

Birthdays were so exciting when I was young. Now, it just seems like any old day. I miss being a kid, sometimes.

I'll keep you posted on Girlie.

I am sorry to hear that. I hope things turn out well with the kitties and you can enjoy your birthday at least a tiny little bit!

Thanks, sweetie. *Hugs*

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