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Medical Stuff
karl urban by sevedra
I had my first visit with my new endocrinologist today. She's making some very big changes. She's swwtiching me to two new insulins, taking me off the ones I've been on the last few years. Instead of 2 shots a day, I'll be taking four- one before each meal, and one before bed. I'll also have to test my blood four times a day. I'm getting ready for my fingers to go sore, then numb. Of course, the blood sugar numbers will determine the dosage of the insulin. She's starting me off on low doses, and I'll e-mail her my numbers every three days, and she'll adjust as needed. I have to admit, I'm more than a little nervous about this.

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Yuck, that sounds unpleasant. :( Is she changing it because it sounds like you need an increased amount of insulin? What is the reason for switching a insulin but also increasing the dosage? Sound counter-intuitive. I'm sorry. :(

The insulin I've been on, called Novolin, is basically obsolete. It's just not a good insulin, but it's all my crappy insurance would cover. My new doctor is used to wrangling with insurance companies, and was able to get me approved for 2 different insulins, each of which does it's own job. She's starting me on a low dose, because she doesn't want me to have low blood sugars. In a few days, I'll e-mail her my blood sugar numbers, and she'll raise the dosage accordingly.

I hope this makes it clearer, sweetie.

Also, did you catch Bones on Monday?

Well I'm glad you're getting the better medicine this time around.

I did see it. It was okay. I liked it but I felt that the ending was way way too easy. Like I'm supposed to believe that this guy who planned all this stuff was able to be shot and killed by Booth that easily? That part was a bit of a let down.

Also, call me sexist, but I hate female serial killers. They bore me.

Edited at 2013-10-09 10:56 pm (UTC)

I agree it was too fast and too simple, but I'm letting it go, because Pelant is dead and this stupid storyline is over. As for the new serial killer, I'm reserving judgement for now. I'm guessing "she" is the new villain of the year, and sometimes the show doesn't always get that right.

I just really really don't want it to be a female.

When the gravedigger ended up a woman, I was soooo disappointed. I also find story lines where a female is obsessed with a guy boring. Or when a guy is in a relationship and the object of the shows "couple" is jealous. Like when Booth was in a relationship with Hannah and Bones got jealous...meh, so boring. But when Bones was in a relationship and Booth got jealous then I loved it.

LOL Like I said I have a bit of a sexist side to me. I admit it.

Edited at 2013-10-09 11:05 pm (UTC)

I don't really care if it's a woman- it just needs to be done well. I actually find jealous Bones interesting. It's such an usual thing for her, and I like when she gets all flustered and confused. But jealous Booth is pretty funny, too.

I still haven't gotten over the whole baby storyline anyways. I hate that they have a baby.. :-P I guess I should be grateful that they don't talk about the baby a lot. LOL

Have you still been watching Glee?

Absolutely. As long as Darren Criss in on the show, I'm watching. I'm expecting this week's episode to make me cry.

Ya, this weeks is not something I am really looking forward too. I heard they don't give a reason for Finn's death. Which is weird. I'm assuming it must start from after everyone being told he died. But it still seems strange.

Also I find it so unbelievable and Stupid the way they had Kurt and Blaine makeup and then get engaged. Really Glee? LOL

At least have them makeup and then date for a while again. The way they did it this time is soooo ridiculous.

I'm just glad they got Blaine and Kurt back together. I'm assuming that with Cory gone, and Rachel/Finn over, they want at least one stable young couple on the show.

Ya, that's a good point. I wonder what they are going to do with this season.

I've given up trying to predict what will happen on Glee. It's just all over the place, most episodes.

LOL this is so true. I think it would be better if they just focused on the old cast. I don't think the new cast is popular.

I don't mind the new cast, actually. At least, not all the time. If the show is going to stay in the high school setting, they don't have much of a choice. And truthfully, not seeing Puck or Mercedes doesn't bother me. I miss Mike Chang, though.

I like Puck actually. He was the one character on the show that grew as a person that I thought was really believable.

I don't know I just don't care about the new people.

I love your icon! <3

Do you watch Vampire Diaries? I forget.

I love that icon, too. I got it quite a while ago, and it has 3 of my favorite characters from the show, so it's extra special.

Puck was okay. I liked how he embraced his Jewishness. There aren't enough Jewish characters on popular TV.

I watched TVD in the beginning, but not for a couple of years.

It's okay. I like it off and on. But it seems like Season 5 is turning too repetitive.

I haven't really found a new tv show to watch. It seems like I find two or so tv shows to really get into for 5 seasons or so and then I don't like it as much. Then it's a LONG time before new shows come on that I like. :(

I really like Sleepy Hollow. And I'm looking forward to Almost Human (I love Karl Urban). Agents of SHIIELD was a real disappointment, though.

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