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A Strange Coincidence
Almost Human- Kennex 1 by bm_shipper
Tomorrow night, for the first time in a while, Thanksgiving and Chanukah start on the same night. According to a newspaper article I read, it won't happen for another 70,000 years, so we should enjoy it while we have it. Have some potato latkes with our turkey, I suppose. (Although, the year my mom was very sick, we did Jewsgiving, in which we had pastrami and corned beef on rye with traditional deli sides).

Actually, I'm not cooking this year. Me, Dad and some friends are going to a local Italian restaurant. They're putting out a nice spread- turkey, ham, all the sides, stuffed shells and lots of pies. I've never eaten pumpkin pie, if you can believe that. I'll allow myself a small taste tomorrow night, maybe. But just a taste. I'm doing very well on my new diabetes regimen. I saw my doctor yesterday, and she was really pleased. I don't want to lose momentum.

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Good for you on doing good! :)

I *LOVE* the idea of going to a restaurant on Thanksgiving. We've done it a few years in a row because I work retail and retail is the devil so far as family life goes. It's always great fun.

And if you've never had pumpkin pie before--just a LITTLE taste, trust me. It's something you have to build up to, IMO. ;)

I just don't GET pumpkin pie. What's the appeal of it? I kind of feel the same way about sweet potato pie, too, which I've also never tasted. Actually, I don't generally like pie much at all, except for lemon meringue, and anything with chocolate.

Well! What could compare to lemon meringue? :D

Key Lime is pretty good.

OH! I forgot about Key Lime pie!! Also very dang good!!!


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