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Superbowl Sunday
sleepy hollow tom/nicole by hewontgo
Am I the only person who could care less about all of it?

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OMG, you are not alone! But I'm helping my beloved put on a Superbowl get-together because it's apparently part of the wedding vows. I pray that I can skip out without being noticed....

I guess this is the time I should be glad I'm a single gal. Football is so not my thing. The only sports more boring are baseball and basketball. I used to love hockey, though. And figure skating.

Yeah, sports are not my thing in any way. Though for some reason I adore football and hocky RPF. I don't have to know who I;m reading about or what they do--they just have to be cute. ;)

My grandad and my father used to have season tickets to the NY Rangers homegames when I was a kid. Soemtimes they would take me and my sister to MSG for games, and it was always fun. The Garden is where I learned the best curse words, and what pot smoke smells like.

Lol! Until yesterday, I didn't even know who was playing. We don't watch it.

Not even J? I thought football was ingrained in the man-code or something.

Nope, not even J. I lucked out - - he doesn't like sports and doesn't hunt.

I grew up in a sports inclined family. My mom was an only child for six years, and my grandfather wasn't quite sure how to relate to her, so he took her to ball games. And my father grew up going to ball games with his father. He was at the first Dodgers game at Ebbits Field, apparently. They must have been disappointed to have two daughters who could care less about any sport. Except for figure skating, which we both loved.

Heh I'm not into sports at all. I don't even know who is playing. ;)

I like figure skating and gymnastics. That's it.

Oh, heavens no. The *only* reason I care is that Macklemore (and presumably Ryan Lewis too) are excited that their home town team is one of the two playing. Note that this bit of trivia is not enough to have made me figure out what the name of their team is, what time the game starts, or make me even the tiniest bit interested in watching. Not even if they are part of the half-time show.

I've noticed that among the community band (with whom we've spent a few Superbowl Sundays) that the watching crowd was more interested in the music and commercials than the game itself.

That's true. If the halftime show features someone I like, I might watch that, but I've never set through an actual game.

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