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No Italy for me
Glee- Naked Blaine 2 by sunshine flying
I'm out. My sister's friend is going, and there's no room for me. I know I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, but I did. A lot. I'm so upset and disappointed. I wish my sister had never even mentioned the possibility to me.

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Sorry to hear that, Andi. Would it be out of reach financially to stay at an inexpensive hotel?

Probably. One if the reasons it was affordable for me was because I didn't have to pay for a hotel, just the airfare and expenses. I'm saving up for next year, instead.

I'm saving up for next year, instead. Sounds like a plan! :-)

Even a hostel? They're really not that bad...

I think my hosteling days are over, not that they ever really started. I'm 41, I have health issues, I'm kind of particular about the way things are- I don't think a hostel would be very suitable. Thank you for the suggestion, though. *Hugs*

OH NO! I hate that so much! I am so sad for you!!!

I really know the feeling of wishing someone didn't mention something to you. I felt that way about my brother's offer of a house deposit. However it DID come true eventually... but I really, really know exactly how you feel, except yours is worse because it's not just you going "oh it will never happen and I feel like my hopes are up and can't settle". It's definitely out.

Grrr. I want you to have a trip.

Thanks. But I've decided to take it as an opportunity to save up and have a really amazing trip next year. We're still discussing places, but who knows, maybe New Zealand will be a possibility.

Oh no! I'm sorry. *hugs*

Thanks, Maddie. Maybe next year.

That is disappointing. I'm sorry. :(

Thanks, sweetie. Maybe next year.

I know from reading the comments and your responses you're saving up for next year. I'm still sorry you couldn't go this year and I know what you mean about wishing the possibility of going had never been mentioned. I hate getting my hopes up only to see them go down in flames later.

It's upsetting, but I'm trying to see the bright side of things. The more I save for the trip, the better it will be. But next year is so far away!

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