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Glee- Naked Blaine 2 by sunshine flying
I thought I'd post about the state of me; it's not actually something I do much anymore. I should work on that.

Got my hair cut and colored today. It's only been 7 months since my last haircut! The last time I had it colored, over a year ago, it was done by a woman named Nicole. Very simply, no harsh smells or tingling. Nicole has long since left the salon, so Jimmy did the coloring for the first time. It stank. The fumes were getting into my eyes and nose and mouth, and I was about to ask for a gas mask, it was so bad. And it tingled (or burned, really). He said it was because of the peroxide base, and the fact that I had brushed my hair before I left the house. Okay. Anyhow, $113 later, I now have no gray hair. And he took off what looked like a foot of hair. Before it came halfway down my back, and now it's shoulder length. What a difference.

I was talking to my sister a few days ago, about her upcoming trip to Italy. We started talking about a trip we could take next year, but then she said she wanted to do something special for her 40th birthday, next January. That's fine with me, but she's talking about going to a spa, or Vegas, and sorry, that is NOT a trip to Europe. So I'm saving up (minus one expensive haircut) and I am GOING on a real vacation next year, even if I have to go by myself. I'll join some tour group if I have to, but I am not settling for Vegas when I was promised (and then un-promised) Italy!

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Great attitude! I wouldn't settle for Vegas, either. I have to color my hair again, too. The grays are back!

I've been to vegas 3 times already. It's a hot, dirty place that smells like a giant ashtray. Never again!

It's strange not seeing the streak of gray in my hair, to be honest, just this deep brown.

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