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Random TV thoughts
How is it that so few people are watching Hannibal? The show is amazing, it manages to shock me each and every episode, and that's saying something. And for slashers, there is so much homoerotic chemistry that the fic practically writes itself! Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen have remarkable chemistry, in particular.

Glee's gotten better, too, thank God. I think the move to New York will be a positive one for the series, though I might actually miss a couple of the newbies (Unique, occasionally Kitty). I will NOT miss Will or Sue- I think there parts should be long gone. Matthew Morrison is fine, and Jane Lynch is always a hoot, but both characters have run their course. And one thing that stood out for me in the last episodes is how shockingly thin Lea Michele and Naya Rivera are. The only person who looked scarier was Kristen Chenowith. She looked old, and like she was a minute away from passing out. Eat something, honey, please!


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