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I'm so jealous right now!
Glee- Naked Blaine by sunshine flying
My sister is sending me lots of texts (via the Viber app) and pictures of her trip to Italy. They were in Sicily for the first few days, spent the last two in Rome, and then go back to Sicily for the rest of the trip. The pictures are amazing, I have to say. These picturesque villages built on the hills, the blue, blue water. Oh God, do I wish was there!

Yesterday they did a huge walking tour of Rome, hit the Colosseum and other major sites. Today they went to the Vatican, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I have to admit, I wonder what three Jewish girls thought of the most Catholic place in the world!

I want to be there soooo badly, I can't stand it! I'll tell you guys, I'm saving up and next year I'm going somewhere spectacular!


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