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I'm going to be an aunt!
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My sister gave me the best news ever today- she's pregnant! She's only five and a half weeks along at the moment- it's too seen to even see a heartbeat on the sonogram, though they should be able to see it in the next scan, a couple of weeks from now.

Obviously, it's very early, so we're all trying not to get too excited. My mother and grandmother both had miscarriages when they were younger. And well, my sister is 39, and judging by the timing, might be 40 when her baby is born. Still, we're over the moon! Dad's so happy.I think he sees his friends and siblings with grandkids and wishes he had one, too, and well, here we are!

Sis and I were talking names. She wants it to start with an S, after our mother Susan (Jewish custom). I was thinking Sarah or Sydney (yes, I have thought about this before), but she's thinking Sienna, Summer or Savannah. A boys name would be a little tougher, since her two favorites (Scott and Steven) are already taken. She really wants a girl (so do I, BTW), but I'm sure she'll be happy anyway.

I asked her if she and her boyfriend were going to get married, and she said they hadn't even talked about it. Besides, they've been together so long (about 7 years) it's almost like they're married, she says. He's being really supportive, fortunately. He personally didn't really want another kid (his son is 19), but he loves my sister and he knows she wants this.

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Congratulations, auntie! I love Summer and Savannah.

Thanks, Maddie. I'm so excited!

That's wonderful news! My favorite name starting with an "S" is Sarah - but all the choices sound good :)

We're all so excited. I think this is something my father has wanted for a long time. It's just sad to think that my mom won't be here for this.

Congrats! Hope everything goes smooth and well.

Thanks! I hope so, too.

I vote for Susan! :D

Congrats, my dear--you'll make an awesome aunt! &heart;

Thanks, Roxy!

And yeah, I bet you vote for Susan! It doesn't work that way in Judaism, though. We don't repeat the name, only the first initial. Sorry.

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