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Help- I'm so Itchy!!
I can't stop scratching. My legs are covered in bites, absolutely covered. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to stop the itch? I've tried over the counter cortisione cream, and Benadryl Gel. I'll try ANYTHING!

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Benedryl would have been my advice. Do you have Benedryl pills? But be careful, they make me sleepy. Maybe some alcohol on a cotton ball applied to the bites?

I take Benadryl for my sinus issues anyway, and I don't see any real difference from it. I'll try the alcohol. I have tons of swabs lying around. Thanks, sweetie.

I hope your birthday went well. Maybe something romantic with J?

My pharmacist has never even heard of it. Does it really work that well?

Yes, on bug bites, and also on itchy scratches I get out in the garden. And my husband's leg when he had a patch of skin that was incredibly itchy. I don't believe he ever found out what caused it, but I know it was itchy *after* he'd been to the dermatologist to have looked at. It was determined to be "not cancer" and left it at that.

I remember I bought my bottle through mail order directly from the manufacturer -- as far as I can tell no one in Michigan had ever heard of the stuff. If itchy bites are an on-going concern I'd buy a bottle. If it's an immediate one-time need I don't know what to suggest. Virtual tea & hugs?

Thanks, sweetie. I'm so desperate I'll try ANYTHING to get this itching to stop!

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