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Happy Independence Day!
Glee- Blaine pool by kankonkine
Happy July 4th, my fellow Americans! I hope you're having a healthy, happy holiday! I had planned to have a barbecue tonight, but my father decided he'd rather do it on Sunday. (My guess is that it interferes in his sex night with his latest girlfriend. This one's named Millie, and she's a Christian Scientist. Very interesting.) It turned out to be the right call, in the end. It's still raining, like it has been all afternoon. Not really BBQ weather.

Anyhow, we're now set for Sunday. They'll be seven of us. We've supplied the steak, corn on the cob and the appetizers (shrimp ring, steamed dumplings). Dad's brother Ed and his wife are bringing homemade sausage and peppers. Dad's friend Ed and his wife are bringing hot dogs and a homemade quiche. Dad's new girlfriend is bringing fruit, potato salad and cole slaw, and a babka. We're all set for food, hopefully the weather will hold up.

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I hope the weather is fine on Sunday and you all enjoy your BBQ. Great food you're going to have!

Thanks, sweetie. It's been raining every day for the last month, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we skip tomorrow evening.

Hope the weather is good for tomorrow.

Your dad finds the most interesting women...

INteresting. Or strange. I don't know. Millie told me she's an RN. I was confused- Christian Scientists don't believe in any sort of medical treatment, they only pray. She told me RN meant "religious nurse". What the heck does a religious nurse do?

Really? Religious nurse? I'm confused as well.

My aunt, who was there when we were talking, is quite skeptical. She's a real RN, worked in the ICU for years. Of course, she gave it up as soon as she remarried. Her husband is super-rich.

Okay, I found this on a Christian Science Home site:

In this religious, non-medical care facility, a Christian Science nurse supports the patient's desire to rely solely on prayer for healing. Our Christian Science nurses do not provide medication, diagnoses, therapies, or surgical treatment. They are experienced, class-taught Christian Scientists and members of the Mother Church. They provide for the practical daily needs of patients while a Christian Science practitioner supports the patient's spiritual growth and healing. Christian Science nurses assist with the patient's comfort, rest, cleanliness, safety, mobility, and nourishment. They are also trained in the non-medical cleansing and bandaging of wounds. Sunland's Christian Science nurses care for individuals whose need is very light, as well as for those who require greater levels of care.

So this appears to be what regular nursing used to call a practical nurse - - just normal care, no meds, nothing like that. I had no idea!

I didn't either. Thanks so much for the info!

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