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On my future as an aunt...
My sister sent me a picture of her pregnant body today. I don't see much of a bump, but her boobs got HUGE. She told me she had to buy all new bras, size 34DD. Wow!

She got some test results last week. There's very little risk for Down's Syndrome, thank goodness. The doctor also knew the gender, but she decided she didn't want to know right now. She's second guessing that, thank goodness. She's probably going to call on MOnday to find out. I sure hope so. (I want to know!)

She's been having morning and evening sickness, unfortunately. She's living on whole wheat Ritz crackers and ginger, and even talking on the phone makes her want to barf. It must be bad, then. An imminent tornado combined with a hurricane couldn't get her off the phone usually.

A friend of hers will be throwing her a shower this fall, at the end of September or beginning of October. Traditionally, Jews don't have the shower until after the baby is born, though. It's considered pushing your luck to have it before. Funny how these things matter to me now, when they wouldn't have years ago. I'm thinking more like my mom it seems. I'll still goto New York for the baby shower, of course (actually, I was ordered to), but it makes me a little uneasy, I have to admit.


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