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I'm absolutely disgusted right now.
Hannibal- WG2 by sways
My cousin posts on Facebook a lot, especially about politics. I followed a link he posted today, and I was just horrified. In a big Hollywood newspapers, a number of Spanish celebrities, including Pedro Almovadar, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, wrote a statement accusing Israel of genocide. Celebrities who are convinced they know best about various political issues ( such as George Clooney and Oprah) are annoying enough. When they open their big mouths about things they know NOTHING about, it's worse.

And of course, today Nancy Pelosi called Hamas a humanitarian organization. Yes, people who store weapons in schools and hospitals are the real humantarians.

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Well I kind of agree... but not about Hamas. Hamas are being tossers right now. And generally, but particularly right now. Sure you can say that decades of shoving and attacks and deprivation eventually cause people to snap and to give no fucks about losing because they always do anyway, but ultimately a ceasefire MUST take place ON BOTH SIDES and negotiations MUST be entered into and both sides MUST compromise.

Hamas is probably a humanitarian organisation in the same way the Muslim Brotherhood is - it hands out food and is generally charitable and nice to heavily disenfranchised people, who therefore take what it teaches wholesale and happily put it into power, cos it's their friend. Never mind that it's also extremist and dodgy as fuck.

I'm Irish. My dad's a Catholic from Northern Ireland. There are a few parallels. And guess what, NI is now largely peaceful and everyone has the same rights as everyone else and they just can't be arsed fighting any more. How was that created? An accord and a decade of genuine peace. I believe it can be done, but the rest of the Arab world needs to accept that Israelis are there to stay and that's OK, and Israel needs to accept that Palestinians are not snakes that need destroying. KUMBAYA etc.

I guess I see things differently. Maybe it comes with being Jewish, it's probably the reason why I take this so personally. There's no denying that Hamas and it's fellow organizations want the complete obliteration of the Jewish state. The Jews are willing to live in peace- the Palestinians really can't say the same thing.

I don't want to start a whole a huge political diagreement, though. I hope there's a peaceful resolution; I just doubt it will ever be possible.

My dad is furious too. I'll admit I'm not following, though I probably should. He was yelling how it was such bullshit (and he never swears) and saying I better watch out or they'll be coming for me next.

I find it confusing why the US seems to be buying into the Israelis are the ones responsible rather then the Hamas?

In Europe, anti-semitism is so widespread, despite the fact that they deny it. I think the problem with the US is our president, to be honest. Obama wants to be seen as a peacemaker, despite that he has no skills in the area. He seems to genuinely believe that he can personally settle the fighting. Between him and John Kerry, it's hard to tell who's more misguided. The Arab nations will settle for nothing less than the complete eradication of Israel as a Jewish state. How can you possibly negotiate with that mentality?

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