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My life- baby showers and mold!
Hannibal- WG2 by sways
I spoke to my sister's BFF today, about her baby shower. They were going to have it in another friend's house, but it seems there are too many people to do that. Instead, they've picked a restaurant. It's tentatively set for October 25, at the cost of about $30 per person.

This is where I'm confused. Is everyone attending supposed to pay their own way, or are the family and close friends supposed to pay for everyone? If it's the latter, my sister is screwed. We recently found out, while having a huge leak in our roof fixed, that we have mold issues in two back-to-back rooms. The removal company will charge $1500 to $2000 per day. They anticipate a 3 to 5 day job. (and that doesn't include putting the ceiling back up afterwards!) That is serious money we do not have. Dad is probably going to have to tap into his IRA to pay for it. If we have to pay ten grand for mold, there is no way we can pay for a baby shower.

I need to call my sister's friend back to find out exactly what's expected of us.


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