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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Going to New York
Hannibal- WG2 by sways
...but not until the end of October. My sister's baby shower is definitely set for October 25th, so Dad and I will go in a couple of days early, and stay a couple of days later. We'll be staying at my sister's house. She has a bed and a futon. It's only four nights.

She registered for the shower at Buy, Buy Baby, but she picked the baby furniture (two dressers and a crib that turns into a full length bed) at Behr's. She put down a $700 deposit, and wants Dad to pay the rest, which is $1900. Hell no, is what my father said. He's sending her $1000 and that's it. Now I have to decide if I want to buy her something from the registry or throw in some money with Dad for the furniture. This baby shower thing is such a scam- the guests will buy her everything she needs for the baby, while Dad and two of her friends pay for the shower itself.