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I did it!
Hannibal- WG2 by sways
Yep, I bought a new computer! It's called a mini Mac, meaning instead of the huge, heavy tower, the hard drive is the size of a hardcover book. It's so strange, to use something so small. It was $600, but Dad and I split the cost, so it wasn't too bad. I can still use my old monitor, mouse and speakers, so that saves me some money. It was perfect timing too, because I think my old hard drive is about to die. I can't even connect to the internet at all. The computer guy is coming first thing Saturday, so he'll back up all my files from the old machine, set up the new one, and then add my files too it. I tried to do the backup myself, but I was ultimately unsuccessful. I choose to blame the computer, although it was probably something I did wrong.

Speaking of new technology, my father has decided to upgrade to the iPhone 6. He wants the bigger one because the screen is hard for him to see. Since we're on a family plan, I'm upgrading too. I'll get the regular iPhone 6. I'm getting the gold phone, Dad wants the black one. We're doing it through Verizon. It'll be strange, jumping from the 4 to the 6. I'm hoping my experience with Apple products will help me pick it up quickly.

Wow, I feel so modern, getting all this new tech! I'm usually way behind the curve on this stuff!

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SUPER modern! Sounds cool, all of it.

Wow, lots of neat new tech in your life. I've been wishing for a bigger phone -- I think I'm in your dad's camp although hopefully younger -- it's getting harder and harder for me to read small print.

I'm assuming you're under 71, which would make you younger than he is!

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