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It's been a while...
Hannibal- WG2 by sways
...since I last posted. I guess I really don't have much to say, lately. My life has been very steady and very boring. My sister's baby shower is coming up on October 25, and I've spent quite a bit of money because of it.Plane tickets, new clothes and shoes, getting my hair done, the shower gift, the small shower gift for the "wishing well", whatever the hell that is- it's really adding up. Though I must admit I love my new shoes (so strappy!) and my new purple tank top/sweater combo.

I'm dreading winter. The baby's due January 15th, and I assume Dad and I will be heading back to NY after the birth, and I have no winter clothes left at all. How much is that going to cost me? It's funny, really, my sister's having the baby and I'm the one spending the money. Baby showers have to be the hugest scam EVER- Sis won't have to pay for a thing for this kid. Anything she wants or needs, no matter how cheap or costly, is on her list and being snapped up by her guests. Did I mention that we had to contribute $500 for the shower in the first place?

This doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to meeting my new niece, though. Priceless!

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I can attest to shower's being a big scam. Not that mine was as lucrative as your sis's but I tried. ;)

She's got everything you could possibly want or need on the registry. I can't believe people haven't protested this years ago!

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