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All about books!
sleepy hollow 2 by hewontgo
I generally read more non-fiction these days, particularly history and biographies. But I was impressed with several new fiction books lately, and I thought I'd give them a mention in case someone is looking for something to read.

1) I gave upon Stephen King a while back. His latest books (and by latest, I mean the last several years) have just not impressed me at all. It's weird to say, but I thought he wrote better back when he was hooked on cocaine. This all changed when I read his latest, REVIVAL. I read it in one day. One. That's fast for me- a really good book might take me two days. (I'll be honest, I read fast, and I usually read more than one book at a time.) This story about he life of a man and how it intersects at different points with a preacher who loves electricity, amazed me. It was vintage King, and then some. It moved me and it horrified me at the same time.

2) I am not a huge fan of Anne Rice's vampire books.( I much preferred the Mayfair Witch Chronicles.) The only one I really loved was Queen of the Damned, which is why PRINCE LESTAT was a perfect read for me. Again, a large group of vampires are gathering for a common cause, and Lestat finally grows the hell up. I was reading this while waiting a long time for my doctor to come into the exam room, and I was actually annoyed that I had to put the book down when he finally arrived. It leads to a fascinating finale that sets the vampire chronicles in a whole new direction. I only hope there are more stories coming.

3) The most unusual book I've read is called HELP FOR THE HAUNTED, by John Searles. A young girl, whose parents are religious ghost hunters/exorcists, becomes orphaned when said parents are murdered. The book both is AND isn't supernatural themed- saying anymore would give away all the twists. But the characters, especially Sylvie, the young daughter, are fascinating.

That's all. If anyone is remotely interested in this, I can recommend others. One thing about working in a library, you see ALL the new books coming out.

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I'm very much looking forward to Revival. I enjoyed 11/22/63 as well.

Revival was excellent. His best work in a long time, I think. I tried the Kennedy one, but I couldn't get into it. Right now I'm re-reading The Shining. I was in the mood for some classic King once I finished Revival.

Oh, good to hear the Steven king one is worth it! I miss the old days, too!

I took a bunch of his old ones out of the library this week. I'm almost finished with The Shining. Then I'll start Salems lot. And maybe my two all time King favorites, It and The stand.

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