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Please, please, please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers
Hannibal- HL2 by sways
My sister developed preeclampsia. She's in the hospital right now, and they'll induce labor tomorrow. She still has a month and a half to go, but the doctors say the baby has to come now. The baby weighs 4 pounds, which is good, and they think she'll make it. But please, keep my sister and my soon to be born niece in your thoughts and prayers.

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Thoughts and prayers are with her. My best friend had pre-eclampsia and a fairly dramatic and touch and go birth sitation ... she and baby girl, now 21, were both fine. Doctors know what they're doing... she's in the best place. Good luck to them both!

Thank you, sweetie. It doesn't help that my father and I live halfway across the country from her. If I could just be with her, I'd be less scared about all of this. Well, maybe.

You know you all are in my thoughts right now, my dear. ♥

I'm sending all the good thoughts and healing vibes I can your way, sweetie. Please, let us know how things go.

*hugs you hard*

Thank you, sweetie. I'll certainly keep everyone updated, as soon as I know more.

I will be sending good vibes your way. *bighugz*

Praying that everything goes well.

Thanks, Maddie. They induced labor this morning, but the doctors think it will still be quite a while to the birth.

I already know how things turned out; but you know you'd have had all the finger and toe crossing I could manage. <3

I appreciate all the good wishes and vibes sent our way. Thanks so much.

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