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Home from New York
Bones 54 by cleaninggirl
Got home around six tonight. Of course, I came home sick. I got a cold on our second day there, meaning I was only able to hold Skylar twice. How fair is that! I wanted some serious baby time, and instead I had to watch from a distance. So sad. And of course, since I came home with a cold, by the times the plane landed my left ear was completely clogged. Still hasn't cleared. This happened to me once before, so I think a doctor's visit is in my future.

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Oh man, that is all kinds of unfair!!!

Fortunately my hearings come back, but I can stop coughing!

Hope you feel better soon. :)

Thanks. I can hear again, thank god, but the coughing fits aren't any fun!

Hope you feel better soon! J has a cold, too, and he is miserable.

I didn't even mention the time I banged my head against a metal pipe in my sister's basement. It really was one hell of a trip. And now she's feeling sick too!

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