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The state of me
Bones 54 by cleaninggirl
I am officially the queen of stupid self injury. I forgot to mention that while I was in New York, I walked headfirst into a pipe in my sister's basement bathroom. Forehead first. Yeah. Then two days ago I was putting a tray of meat into the oven and managed to burn the back of my right hand. There's now a long red mark going from the base of my thumb towards my second finger.

I'm not even counting the numerous times I've literally tripped over my own feet and badly sprained both my ankles. A few of those happened when I fell off the front stoop of my old house. Seriously, I should wrap myself in shrink wrap before I leave the house!

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I somehow missed this post. Be careful! You do sound accident prone.

I really am. I'm trying to be more careful thougj, I promise.

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