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My latest obsession
Smv finale Superman by lieslchen
I'm now completely obsessed with the Starz show Outlander. I am both ashamed and not ashamed of this.

The show itself is really well acted. The three leads are fantastic, and my God do I adore Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie. But the rampant misogyny bothers me. How many attempted rape scenes do you need in one series? I am aware that the 18th century was not kind to women, but it still grates on me. I also have problems with the book series' author, Diana Gabaldon. For me, one of the joys of finding a new fandom is the fan community itself. Gabaldon has made no secret that she despises any kind of fan fiction, even going so far as threatening to sue. I get that she created these characters, I really do, and of course she's possessive of them, but showing that much anger at fans? It kind of ruins the experience for me.

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I like it too, especially Jamie. I've only seen one ep since it came back from break. But OMG, you are not kidding about the misogyny thing. I didn't know that about Diana Gabaldon. That makes me not like her so much.

Tomorrow's finale will be a real doozy. I can't believe we had to wait two weeks for it.

Diana Gabaldon herself is very polarizing. I've been reading a book of hers called The Outlandish Companion, a guide to the first four books. ( an updated one comes out this fall). I enjoy her stories, but I find her really patronizing and annoying. Once your book is published, it's out there for the readers to interpret as they see fit. I don't need anyone, even the author, telling me whatI should think and feel about the book. I don't need to be criticized or looked down on for the way I see the story.

I started watching this too. I do like it but I agree about the misogyny and I'm really not super passionate about "Women's rights" I mean I'm for them don't' get me wrong but I'm not one to be like "It's sexist!" I especially dislike one thing that happens between Jamie and Claire. IT bothered me so much I've kind of stopped watching for now.

I don't get authors getting so upset over fanfic. If people were paying for it that's one thing if it's just free share I would feel flattered, or at the very least ignore it.

I'm guessing which scene you mean, and I get why it put you off the show. The funny thing for me is that I've watched the eps almost completely out of order, and that was one of the last ones I saw. By that time I was invested in the show.

I just couldn't stand it. LOL I'm like she is a grown woman not a child. If my husband did that to me I just don't think I could forgive him. I get that it was a different time back then, but if I came from the knowledge and feelings I have now, I just couldn't do it.

It just annoys me how high and mighty the author is. She's a woman who wrote 8 or 9 books full of violence against women, yet she acts like she's created the world's most important literature. Honestly, the books are not that good. (To be fair, I've only read the first one, but I stand by my point.)

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