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I haven't posted in a while, I've realized. My latest obsession is Pinterest, and I've been spending WAY too much time there. It's kind of hypnotic. My boards are nicely filled, though.

I've been in a TV depression, too. Hannibal aired a brilliant final episode, which makes me even sadder, because I'm going to miss the show dearly. Falling Skies, on the other hand, had a weird, rushed finale that was completely anticlimactic, and honestly, it was a disappointment. It's a shame when a show you love goes out on such a low note.

To make up for the lack of good stuff to watch nowadays, I've been binging on Star Trek. I bought and watched the last four seasons of Voyager. I also bought the box set of the final series, Enterprise. That too was a show with a terrible final episode.

Not much else going on. Hope everyone had a happy and safe Labor Day.

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Hi, Andi! :-)

Sorry TV's not treating you well. I've basically given up on it; the only things I watch are "Criminal Minds" and some of the "Masterpiece Mystery" or "Masterpiece" offerings. Apart from those, I'm slowly working through my television DVD collection (basically cable shows that I wanted to watch but couldn't because I never had access to them). And I use Netflix for the shows that I was only mildly curious about (not enough to buy the DVDs).

Hi Karen! It's been so long.

DVDs are a godsend. I'm catching up on stuff I've never seen, or things I haven't seen in forever. I don't have Netflix, but I want to get it. There are a couple of shows I'd really like to see.

I pay $13.07 a month for my Netflix subscription. That allows me to have as many DVDs as I want in a month, and I can have two out at any one time. I don't have the streaming service.

Netflix is definitely worth it. They have movies (domestic and foreign) TV shows, and lots of British television. I find myself going to see fewer and fewer movies just because I know I can wait a few months and get the DVD from Netflix.

I really want to get it. I'd like to get the streaming service, but I imagine it costs more.

Not sure. Just go out to the Netflix site when you have some time. You should find information on all their plans there.

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