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Bee Problems
There's a huge beehive hanging over my driveway. The tree is actually my neighbor's, according to the property manager. They aren't sure what to do- is it the neighbor's problem, or the condo boards' problem? Either way, how do you get rid of it. It seems to be a honeybee hive, and aren't honeybees endangered? Do we have to call a beekeeper to remove it? Nobody knows. And our neighbor is a snowbird, which means he spends his summers in New York, so he isn't even here!

About 6PM this night, I looked out at the driveway, and it was covered by dead bee. I went out and looked up at the hive (way up, it's about 30 feet high), and it looked like part of the hive had fallen or collapsed. I could sort of see into it, or at least I saw something I hadn't seen before.

Dad is, as usual, away with his lady friend for the weekend, and I have no idea what to do. A fishing buddy of my dad's said he'd stop by tomorrow morning to take a look, and he'd make sure the maintenance guys stop by also. If nothing else, they can sweep up the dead bees and get them off the driveway. It's getting so I'm afraid to leave my house!

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If they're honey bees, they tend to be kind of non-aggressive. We had a hive turn up in the back yard one year and bees were everywhere, but no one was stung. We called a beekeeper and he took them away. It was pretty cool, as I remember.

It looks like the hive is dead itself. It seems to be collapsing, and I see a lot of dead bees up there. A ton more on the driveway, too.

Oh no! Honey bees are so necessary, too.

Have you checked whether there are wasps nearish by? They kill bees.

No wasps as far as I could see. And the hive itself looks damaged, like its collapsing into itself.

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