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The Martian
I loved this book, and I was really looking forward to the movie. I saw it today, and surprisingly, I was not let down. Not as good as the book, obviously, but still entertaining as hell. Matt Damon was amazing.

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Random comment in this post, but I wanted to say I started watching Hannibal. It's really good! I'm on season 2 episode three. Love it so far. Poor Will! Hannibal has really done a number on him!

Hannibal isn't even close to doing his worst to poor Will. Trust me, it gets weirder. It was such an amazing show- I was really disappointed that they cancelled it after season 3.

Do you think that Hannibal actually cares for Will or is just a psychopath?

I think he cares, as much as someone like Hannibal can. They really explore that issue in season 3.

That's one thing that keeps me intrigued (I mean it's good regardless but I like this element) and I keep wondering if he really does consider Will his friend or if he is just making it up? I mean he did throw Will under the bus to save himself.

Also is it just platonic for Hannibal or something more?

I don't want to spoil season 3 for you, assuming you want to watch it. A lot of your questions are answered then.

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