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What a weekend!
I cannot believe how this trip to Houston is turning out. First, the airline calls us at 12am Friday, to tell us our flight to Dallas is cancelled. Instead, in order to reach Houston, we have to fly to Chicago first!

And when we finally reach Chicago, we wait an hour to board the plane. Then we wait another hour because of "technical issues". Finally, about 8 hours after we left Florida, we get to the hotel.

The hotel is very nice. But they only have one shuttle bus. About 50 people are waiting for it. And it is gusting, pouring rain. There are flood watches all over the city. My shoes were not made for rain.

Now we're waiting to find out if our flight to Dallas is in for tomorrow morning. And if our flight from Dallas is on as well. Pray for us!

On a positive note, the wedding was beautiful.


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