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Off to New York!
Tomorrow is my niece Skylar's first birthday! It seems like just yesterday she was born- how is this even possible?

We're leaving for New York tomorrow afternoon. The party isn't until Saturday, but there's a ton of prep work to do. My sister is having the party at the same restaurant she had her baby shower, because there's just too many people for her house. We have to go to the restaurant at 10:30 the night before, to set up. Apparently that means blowing up God knows how many balloons- my brother in law better have some kind of pump.

We bought Skylar two adorable little outfits as a present. One is a black onesie with a peace sign on the front, and little denim pockets on the butt. The other is an adorable pink tutu, with a big ruffle, and the number 1 in faux stones on the front. I think my ovaries burst when I saw that one!

Anyhow, we're coming home Sunday afternoon. I'm sure my kitties will be glad to see me. I do miss them when we're away.


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