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I could use some good thoughts right now
My dad woke me up at 5 this morning to tell me he wasn't feeling well and that I should call 911. He had tremendous pressure on his chest. The ambulance came right away, and luckily the hospital is only five minutes away.

They checked him out in the ER. Dad was recently diagnosed with ulcers and acid reflux, so the doctor down there seemed to think that's what it was. But they moved him upstairs for more tests. The same thing has happened a couple of times in the past, including once down here two years ago. The same heart doctor who saw him then is his doctor now. They're still not 100% sure what it is, though.

They gave him a shot of anti clotting meds, and then put a nitroglycerine patch on him. Within two minutes he was sweaty and nauseous, so they took the patch right off. When they did the second set of blood tests afterwards, the nurse said some of the numbers were elevated. He didn't explain it any clearer, and now it's 7PM and the doctor still hasn't shown up. He's definitely staying the night.

Anyhow, I'm a nervous wreck right now. If anyone wants to send some good thoughts and prayers this way, I'd really appreciate it.

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Praying your dad will be fine.

Thanks, Maddie. I spoke to him earlier and he sounded better.


I'm right here with you, sending good thoughts your way, love. Please keep us posted as you can. ♥

No good. Hope they sort things out and he is much better very soon.

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