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Dad update
My father called me first thing this morning. The doctor had come by and said the test results showed he had a mild heart attack. They're going to transfer him to a larger hospital, and they'll do a catheterization at 1:30.

I'll go by about an hour later. I'm hoping he won't have to be in the hospital for more than a few days, but I have no real information about any of this. Whatever medical problems my family has, it's never been heart trouble.

Thank you to everyone who sent their best wishes.

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Eiyee. I'm behind on lj and just now saw this. Sending lots of good thoughts to you & your dad.

I only saw your first post this morning; am glad you've given us an update. Good wishes for you and your dad are speeding your way! *hugs*

Still praying and sending good thoughts your way.

Thanks, Maddie. I just got back from the hospital- they still haven't done the procedure!

Just saw this--sending you and your dad all the good wishes.

Thanks. As of 4pm, they still hadn't done the test.

Keep us posted. I will think positive thoughts. My dad has to go in for a fibrillation treatment more often then I would like. It's scary having your parents get older. :(

Thanks so much. They keep pushing back the procedure- the doctor had an emergency patient at another hospital. The waiting is the worst.

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